The Anatomy of a Great Tech Pack


Time to read: 2.5 minutes

What information and specifications should a proper tech pack include?

As well as a sketch and some design notes, there are a few other things to think about. Here is what you can expect a good quality tech pack to include. 


Details & Construction

You will need to cover in detail the make-up of your garment and its internal features as well as specify a set of measurements. Remember, the initial goal of a tech pack should be a perfect fit sample. How exactly is your garment constructed? Use industry standard abbreviations, ISO classifications and calculate your SPI (stitches per inch). Include the following: 

  ▸  Style name, number & description

  ▸  Front & back technical sketches (called flats)

  ▸  Construction details

  ▸  Stiches & seams

  ▸  Fit sample measurements

  ▸  Fit comments & revisions


Fabrication, Colorways & Decoration

A 'bill of materials' will outline what fabric, trims or components are needed for your garment and their composition, as well as any extra finishes or processing. Also consider your decorative elements like branding patches, prints, fastenings, etc. As well as appropriate care labels, hang tags for retail and the right packaging for your product. Don't forget the following:

  ▸  Bill of materials

  ▸  Colorways

  ▸  Logos or prints

  ▸  Any other embellishments

  ▸  Labels

  ▸  Packaging


Points of Measurement & Size Charts

Lastly, your tech pack will chart the right measurements for each clothing size in your range, including tolerance. Use ASTM, BSI or other industry standard grading rules to determine appropriate sizing for your target market. Don't forget to include explanatory diagrams where possible, especially if you are manufacturing abroad. Make sure you add:

  ▸  Point of measurement diagrams

  ▸  Graded size charts

  ▸  Tolerances


Don't worry if your tech pack takes up several pages - in fact, the more information the better. Everything that is relevant to the construction of your product should be in the tech pack! To get started, enter your email below to download the cheatsheet.