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"...the fashion’s industry’s practice of churning out increasingly large volumes of cheap, disposable clothing is an “environmental and social emergency.”

United Nations Economic Commission


"Producing 1 cotton shirt requires 2,700 liters of water—the amount a single person drinks in 2.5 years."

Source: UNCE

"Apparel & footwear industries account for 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, almost as much as the total carbon impact of the EU."

Source: Quantis

Nearly one third of the rivers in China are classified as too polluted for any direct human contact.

Source: Ministry of Environment, China

Americans toss an astounding 80 pounds of clothing per person, per year.

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency


About techpacks.co

A technical design company, the techpacks.co mission is to help designers and brands improve production & decrease waste, through tech packs. A tech pack is an instructional document with specifications and diagrams of your design for a factory to follow. A tech pack streamlines your design development process & improves your product’s quality. 


Founded in 2016 & run by Belinda Jacobs

“ I started this company after working in the industry for several years. I experienced first hand how hard the communication process was between a designer’s vision and getting a final-real life product in hand. Even for very established designers, miscommunications, mis-made samples, and production errors were the norm. I wanted to help designers and entrepreneurs bring their vision to life with less trial/error and more results. Not to mention the environmental and social impacts we can have if we start developing better quality clothing with less waste. ” 

Belinda has an honors degree from the UK in Clothing Design & Technology and has worked for various independent designers, start-ups, wholesale suppliers and blue chip retailers. 



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