How to Get Started with a Tech Pack - Part 1


Time to read: 3 minutes

Here are the top three, basic items you should have ready before thinking about your tech pack.

1. Your design

What does your garment or product look like and what is it's purpose? A super rough sketch (can be a messy scribble) is helpful to see. Don't worry, it will be re-drawn in the tech pack 😉. Any decent technical designer will be drawing a proportional, black and white sketch of your item, shown laid flat. 

Which market are you targeting and what is the price point? This helps to make informed choices about what materials, finishes and sizing data to use. We will discuss any embellishments, branding, labels and packaging, if you have any. 


2. Your fabric 

The type of fabric you want to use will have a huge effect on what your product will look, feel and wear like. This design decision should be made before you've even fully designed your product!

You might need to think about fabric composition and fabric weights too. Once you've picked your fabric I can advise you on trims and other complimentary components. 


3. A fit sample or prototype

This is something physical you can send me in the mail that represents the size/shape of your design. Your sample can be custom made or just bought from a shop. It should be a similar shape to your design as well as in a similar fabric.

I will create the measurements for all the sizes your product comes based on this. If possible, the sample should represent the size that is in the middle of your size range. So if your size range is XS, S, M (for example) - the middle would be a small.



Getting a Tech Pack from TECHPACKS.CO

Use the product consultation button at the top left, or this link here. This article has the contents of what we go over in your consultation before starting your tech pack. You can show me any samples, fabrics or sketches when we chat on video.


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