The 5 Best, Free Trend Forecasting Sources


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Trying to understand future trends is important so we can not just keep up, but stay ahead of the curve. Things, events and people change so rapidly in this day and age, you need to be ready for an ever quickening pace. Trend Forecasting services can often be quite costly, and not necessarily targeted at small business owners. I’ve rounded up the top 5 sites for free but high quality trend information. If you’ve got another one to add, leave a comment below. 




One of the biggest players in the game, WGSN has been around since 1998. Based in London, they were the first to create an online trend forecasting resource. While their paid services start at 5 figures, they have an extremely robust blog called WGSN Insider. They cover fashion, lifestyle, culture, strategy and more. Mini trend reports are available to download... plus they go above and beyond with excellent videos on their youtube channel too!

Top 5 Best Free Trend Forecasting - WGSN

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Have a look at Trendstop for their superb page of free trend reports available to download. You'll need to sign up with your email address. Trendstop also have a blog with short articles but plenty of visuals. 

Also sign up for a free account, to access their TrendStream feature. It snapshots key trends in an infinite scroll grid. 

Top 5 Free Trend Forecasting Sources - TrendStop

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The Doneger Group

Like the others, Doneger also has a free blog. It’s a little more text based than the others so expect some interesting reading. I’m personally a big fan of their newsletter the Doneger Weekly. This email blast includes sections; the look, inspire, what we’re reading and looking ahead. There's also a freebie report to download each week too!   

Top 5 Free Trend Forecasting Sources - The Doneger Group

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If you’re just looking for some quick answers relating to a particular season or category, the WeConnect trend section is a fantastic resource. They have numerous free trend reports from the likes of Design Options and the Trend Council

Top 5 Free Trend Forecasting Sources - WeConnect


Fashion Snoops 

Fashion Snoops send some great newsletters that include trend reports and the weekly Top 5 Tuesdays. They have a fun section called Color Insider that details 2018 colors, not much of a blog, just a press section. 

Top 5 Free Trend Forecasting Sources - Fashion Snoops

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Rounding Up

If you're still on the lookout, see TrendZoom for some nice reports. While Trend Bible also has a great blog, the focus is interiors more than fashion.

If you can think of any other quality free sources we’ve missed off then add a comment below!