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The 5 Most Damaging Tech Pack Mistakes

I’ve seen lots of tech packs over the years, some more detailed than others. I often get clients who already have tech packs - but haven’t been getting great results from them! Here are the details that are missing, time and time again.

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The Best Apps, Tools & Hacks for your Tech Packs

Here are our recommendations to help you get started with your own tech packs. There is so much choice out there in products you can buy and software you can download. Read on for our tricks in a simple but effective set up.

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Sample Tech Pack - Free PDF Download

Do you want to know what a real life and complete tech pack looks like? Look no further, we have one right here! We've put together a tech pack example so you can see what the specs look like when filled in. Here is everything we would normally include in a tech pack in fully, gory detail. 

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